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Tekken 6
Tekken 6 could be a fighting game developed and revealed by Bandai Namco Games. A home version supported the update was free for PlayStation three and Xbox 360 on Gregorian calendar month twenty-seven, 2009 and for PlayStation moveable on Nov twenty-four, 2009. the sport was at first planned as a PlayStation three exclusive. associate degree Xbox 360 port was declared on Gregorian calendar month eight, 2008.

While the sport retains parts from the previous games, the sport introduces a replacement rage system that will increase the strength of the playable characters after they area unit weakened. It additionally stars a hack and slash mode centered on a soldier named Lars Alexandersson. Losing his reminiscences on associate degree attack against Jin Kazama's forces, Lars goes on a journey to be told his identity in order that he is able to recover the topic of his mission.

The game received typically positive reviews, particularly the PSP version, that got associate degree eighty two.60% from GameRankings and 82/100 from Metacritic. Sales from the game are positive.

A sequel, Tekken seven was free to Japanese arcades on March eighteen, 2015, and was ported to PlayStation four and Xbox One and free internationally on June a pair of, 2017.

Tekken six options larger stages with additional interactivity than its predecessors,[6] like walls or floors that may be broken to reveal new fighting areas.[7] The character customization feature has been increased, and bound things have implications in some aspects of gameplay.[6]

A new "rage" system has been added, giving characters additional harm per hit once their vitality is below an exact purpose. Once activated, a cerise energy aura seems to round the character, and their health bar starts to flicker in red. the fad aura may be custom-made with completely different colors and effects to seem like fireplace, electricity, and ice, among others.[8] Another gameplay feature additional is that the "bound" system. each character has many moves that, once used on associate degree opponent that presently points in an exceedingly juggle dance orchestra, can cause the opponent to be smashed exhausting into the bottom, bouncing them off the ground in an exceedingly shocked state and exploit them susceptible to another dance orchestra or further attack. As of the Bloodline Rebellion update, with success parrying a coffee attack will place a personality into a certain state.

The console versions (excluding the PSP version) additionally embody an additional beat 'em up mode entitled "Scenario Campaign" that bears similarities with the "Tekken Force" and "Devil Within" modes from previous installments. during this mode, the player will move freely in associate degree atmosphere kind of like that of a third-person role-playing game. Players may develop weapons like poles and Richard Jordan Gatling guns, alongside lootable things, money, and power-ups which might be found within crates that area unit scattered all throughout the enjoying atmosphere. Players will move freely between fights, however once a bunch of enemies area unit encountered, the gameplay switches to the standard, two-dimensional Tekken vogue. This mode originally solely enclosed offline single player. Namco free a patch on Jan eighteen, 2010 that enables online Co-op for the state of affairs Campaign.

Both the PlayStation three and Xbox 360 versions of the sport embody an internet versus multiplayer mode over PlayStation Network and Xbox Live severally.[9] It includes hierarchic Matches mode, wherever the player will promote their character to a better ranking, and Player Matches mode, wherever the player's fights are not hierarchic and that they will invite friends to possess matches with them.

The game uses a proprietary graphics engine running at sixty frames per second further as a dynamic physics engine named Octave Engine that permits water to behave consequently to, however, characters move.[10][11] The graphics engine has been designed with target character-animation to form movements look additional sleek and realistic that crystal rectifier to several animations being remade to either mirror the impact and harm caused or to form new potentialities in gameplay.

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Minimum System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • HDD: 10GB free space
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz or Higher
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Input Devices: Mouse and Keyboard.
System Recommended Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • HDD: 10GB free space or more
  • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.6GHz or Higher
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Input Devices: Mouse and Keyboard
Tekken 6 Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download in 721 MB

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